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Tarana, Los Aliens, Holy Hand Grenade

Sun, November 05, 2017
8:00PM ‐ 11:00PM

A night of music that scores the anthems of future countries. Momin has gathered a diverse array of artists who all share the common goal of erasing cultural boundary lines.

Led by Indian-born drummer Ravish Momin is an exciting Trombone/synth & drums/electronics duo that blurs the boundaries between the electronic and the acoustic. WNYC Radio says "The result is music both composed and improvised that could be easily categorized as jazz, traditional music, electronica, or more likely, some unholy combination of all three." Using digital and analog electronics, they layer live loops, harmonies, textures and lush ambience on top of their tight-knit acoustic instruments to create a symphonic sound.

Los Aliens
Led by Columbian pianist, Ricardo Gallo, “Los Aliens” come from a place where their star radiates directly into their atmosphere creating an environment where hot grooves reproduce like viruses becoming part of their daily sonic landscape. They infiltrated here and are using technology and their infectious rhythms to advance a planetary culture. They are known to be spontaneous creators improvising on their instruments to take the minds of their listeners to the vast unknown while they experiment with the power of their beats to make bodies move unconsciously and unceasingly.

Holy Hand Grenade
Led by saxophonist Lynn Ligammari, "Holy Hand Grenade" is a Brooklyn-Based new music collective inspired by world grooves and memorable melodies. An explosive mix of jazz, world, soul and hip-hop."

Location in Threes: Tiny Montgomery