333 Douglass St, NY, NY | 718.522.2110
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Wind & the Why

Tue, September 26, 2017
8:00PM ‐ 11:00PM

NYC's Wind & the Why, an indie folk-rock female duo, is comprised of Therese Anderberg (vocals, uke, banjo) and Emily Casey (vocals, guitar) with backup band Danny Goodman (bass) and Justin Aarronson (of The Hollows, drums.). With bootstomping roots-inspired numbers, ballads of the heart and mind and covers ranging from Bob Dylan to Madonna, Wind & the Why will take you on a folksy female journey through 2 sets of original music, including guest performances from Victoria Blade, Christine Stulik, Ryan Bourque and David Paarlberg (of The Hollows)

$5 Suggested Donation
Location in Threes: Tiny Montgomery